Staff Ranks


The name of the rank is a big give away, the user that possesses this rank is the Owner of the community and the Teamspeak!


This rank has currently only been given to one person (Aspen). This staff member is one of the biggest bad-asses on the server, not only does this user contribute a lot of time and effort into helping users on the server but they are a big part of helping run the server even when others can’t see it!


Senior Management:
The rank of Senior Management is possessed by users with outstanding efforts with helping the community. The rank allows these staff members to have more power and freedom so that they may help run the server.


The Staff members a part of the Management team are people who have exceeded with their efforts with helping on the server, these are users that help with looking after lower members of the staff team and help with working on projects to expand the communities fun.


Moderators are one of the most important members of the staff team, these staff members have been given the opportunity to help out users that are in need, they also help with making sure the server is running smoothly without rule breakers.


This is a transition rank between Area-Moderator and Moderator, the main achievement for users with this rank is to learn what they will need to know as a Moderator.


Support is the newest rank added to the team. This rank can be given to Area Moderators and/or Trainees that have proven themselves as trustworthy members of the staff team. The primary purpose of the rank is to grant lower staff the power to give users the potential “Art” tags they desire.


Area Moderator:
This rank is the beginning of most staff members journeys with the team, the rank gives users the basic powers needed to moderate channels to keep the peace within the community. Without Area Moderators the community would most likely not be what it is today.



Support tags


This rank can be obtained by trusted members of the community! The ranks purpose is to give users the ability to grant guests talk power when an Area Moderator isn’t around.


Beatbox Coach:
The main objective of this rank is to give users the opportunity to help out on the server by teaching new users the basics of beatboxing.


Vocal Coach:
The users with this rank are helping the community by teaching new singers ways on how to improve their vocals.


Instrumental Coach:
These users are around helping out others with learning how to play there instruments more professionally.


DBB Host:
This rank is given to trusted users that are willing to give up their time to Host Daily beatbox battles for the community.


This rank is given to trusted users who are spending their time setting up and running Events, these Events can range from different types of Arts to gaming!


The Intern rank is given to newly accepted Hosts that are being taught how to host events.


These users spend their free time coming onto the server and volunteering to judge events. These users need to have some sort of understanding of whats happening in the battles and what they are judging people on.


Beatbox Jury:
Users with this rank are priority jury members of the daily beatbox battles (if they request to judge). These users are hand picked by Aspen and normally not many people obtain the rank.



Art tags


This rank is given to all users that have reached 3 days on the server. The rank give users perms to join almost all channels with talk power, to receive this rank you will need to contact a Moderator to give you the rank manually.


This rank is given to users to have proven that they can beatbox. The rank is normally given to users that show they can do a little more then the basic boots n cats.


These users are insane people that use different sounds, beats and even there own voice to create music. It is something hard to do and isn’t a common thing on the server.


Users that show there basic understanding of rapping and freestyle. To get this rank you need to prove that you can do a basic rap.


Users with the capability to use there own voice to create music. The rank is handed to users with the capability to hit notes at the right tone.


The DJs are users that love mixing or creating their own music, to obtain this rank you need to prove that you can do the basics of mixing songs and/or beats.


Users that us an instrument to create music, For a user to be given this rank they need to show that they own an instrument and can play a basic song on it.


Users with the producer tag are people that have produced some type of music whether it be on YouTube or Soundcloud.



Other miscellaneous tags


Used by users that wound like to use an alt computer to play music. This rank must be requested by the owner of the bot.


Birthday Buddy:
Is it your Birthday? Do you want everyone on the server to know? Well, request to have the birthday buddy rank on the day of your birthday so that you and your friends may party on the server.


The VIP rank is given to users that have donated to the server! This rank comes with extras depending on the size of the donation, if you’d like to donate to keep the server up please talk to a Moderator or Manager for extra information.